I guess you already heard that lyrics of a song that says “sorry seems to be the hardest word”. I guess so, because some people are just not so generous saying this. But do you know what’s even harder than saying sorry? It is to FORGIVE. After all, it is the hurt that we remember after that person deprived us of hearing that one simple word. Sometimes people take like forever to say it and others just don’t bother to say so. I hope everyone would be generous enough to say sorry to someone they have hurt because in reality, human as we are, it is forgiving that is not easy to do.



They say, the only contant thing in this world is CHANGE. The earth changes, plants and animals change and so do people. People change because of so many reasons and when it happen you’ll know it. There is change IF there is change. But what do you do to make that change sound good? ACCEPT. Accept the fact that something has change. And if that change is a thing you don’t want to remember; just turn your back to it, head up and walk straight ahead.

The Traveling Soul

It all started from the idea of knowing myself again, of how I have known myself to be versus how people interpret me, the way they relate to me and how they treat me. So ironic as it seemed to be but no matter how dear a person is to you, no matter how close you are to them and no matter how you value them like a precious gem, you will really never know what you will be like to them in the next year, months, weeks, days or even with just a snap of your fingers.

I felt like I was alone. Overthinking was consuming me. I’ve lately been into a dilemma believing or trusting people in what they say.

Then one day, I realized, I was used to being solo. That being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. I may be an overthinker, but maybe it is because I have unique imaginations. That oftentimes my gut feelings are actually what it is. I don’t set standards to whom I will trust and believe in. It only comes with how people connects with me and how I value them in my life. Some may have earned it easily and others may not, but I am trying to make it a point to be fair to everyone, and yet the world is so tricky that the people you trust the most are the ones who will break big time that big trust you once gave to them. The people whom you think you can run to all the time at some point will no longer want your presence in their lives. They will distant themselves from you anytime they want to and cut all that there is. One sad part it in, you think you have known each other so well because you have shared a lot of stories, may it be good or bad, then later on you are like total strangers.

In life, sometimes you will get lost. You will think that you are fighting alone in a battle and that there are a lot of things that would pop in your mind randomly. At times, you happened to listen more to what people are telling and tend to lose yourself. Nonetheless, aside from God, you are the one who knew yourself better than them. Trust yourself. You will sooner find yourself again, and it is not just your old self that you will find, it is a beautiful, braver and a stronger one. Don’t fear whenever you feel that you are lost because you will see the best version of yourself everytime you’ll find it. And when you’re lost, just wander around and see the beauty that exist before you– after all, we are all mere traveling souls in this world.

Carry On

Every beginning has its end,
just like our favorite childhood stories have ever been told to us;
Every start will later on need to stop,
as we drive ourselves to a journey and would then arrive at its destination.

Every morning turns into night,
which reminds us that there is always time to relax;
Every sunrise has its scenic sunset,
that tells us how endings could be beautiful as it is.

Every hi is accompanied by a goodbye,
as you realize that you are not meant to stay forever in a place or with same people around;
as you only have handfuls of memories in your heart,
in your mind you tell yourself there is no holding back.